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Allister Cromley's Fairweather Belle is a collection of sepia-tinted stories that were written with the intent of giving grownups something to read aloud or listen to before bed.

In this land of grownuphood, we're swamped with so much stimulus that we often don't take the time to breathe. And the hope for these stories is that they will work towards a comfort. A wonder to take the place of growing cynicism.

The stories follow a mustachioed adventurer/explorer/philosopher/boxer/priest/and sometimes globe maker as he navigates through a time when the romantic ideals of the 19th century were waking to the dreams, realities, and fears of the 20th.

The stories follow Allister on his journey through the early 20th century to find the simple answers to the big questions and the complex answers to the small.

When I was a child, I remember feeling much like I do now, that the world is full of unanswered questions. But, back then, when I was tucked in tight and read stories, I felt safe and even excited about all of the questions that lay in the dark.

And I not only believe it's possible to get back to that feeling, but I think it's absolutely necessary to do so.